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FotoExpressions offers a wide range of photographic, interactive 360° virtual tour and video tour services for the Edmonton and surrounding communities.

The options available incorporate a rich variety of features in order to produce a personalized, high-quality visual presentation that works specifically for the needs of the real estate professionals.

Fotoexpressions High Definition Photography

High Definition Photography

 To truly show off and entice a buyer to view a property, as a minimum high quality photographs are a must. This can be further enhanced by the use high dynamic range or HDR photography. A typical digital camera is capable of capturing anywhere from 5 to 8 stops of light detail in a single photograph. The human eye typically captures up to 12 stops of light detail. With HDR photography, 5 or 7-bracketed photos are taken each with a different level of exposure and then merged into a single photo. The final result is a photograph that more naturally represents what a human eye sees with better details, shadows, highlights and tones. 

Fotoexpressions Real Estate Video Services

Full 360x180 degree Virtual Tours and Video Tours


Standing out visually is the first step for buyers to see a home or property and start to fall in love with their dream residence. To stand out with this visual experience, there are two additional options available. One option is the 360 x 180 degree Interactive Virtual Tour.  This gives the user the feeling of actually standing and interacting within that space. The viewer has the ability to view the complete area, zoom in and out, and move from one location to the next location. The other and more relevant option in today's multimedia demanding environment, is a walk-through Video Tour.